Why to choose us
High Design

The talented designers with whom we work creating series that will highlight the uniqueness of your space . Putting practice their vision for aesthetic creations and manufacturing excellence ensure the ideal solution for your most favorite places .

High Quality

Top materials and ergonomics ensure optimum quality for the modern home . The collections of the novel are state of the art proposals that attract the purity and their robustness . With your choice you can feel the security that offers the course in time and excellent functionality of the novel series.

Innovative Design

Functionality meets Innovation offering the ideal solution for spaces with utilitarian and aesthetic value . Expressing in the most creative way modern generation of Greek designers , the Novel have it one step closer to the future requirements of the space.


Quality Assurance

 We make sure to deliver you only the best

All NOVEL products undergo stringent quality checks from arrival until their loading . These controls ensure Product integrity , dimensional accuracy and delivery security.

The Starting Material

Respect to the specific characteristics of the materials

In the novel we know that a tree needs about 50 years to get into the production chain . This makes us whenever we work with wood , to do it responsibly.
Whether it’s wood , glass or metal, facing with respect to particular characteristics in order to highlight the ideals.

The Perfect Workflow

For a beautiful & professional result
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    Each series is unique as is the designer .

  • 2


    The design process is demanding and detailed .

  • 3


    For the perfect result needed research and time !

  • 4


    Through strict standards ensure quality!

  • 5

    ENJOY !

    Our work is completed and it becomes yours!


Access to information.

All our lines are fully accessible in .pdf format to facilitate your search in the information you seek.


New Arrivals & Offers

Look out for the new arrivals
Cavaletto I _1

CAVALETTO I furniture Rovere Naturale L.125 X H.70 X P.50 with bench Solid Surface, PLANET II 66 table washbasin L.66 X H.16 X P.39, Mirror L.125 x H. 50 with perimeter LED lighting

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Top Comp 02

Wooden bench NATURAL cm L.130 x H.6 x P.50, WISH washbasin table L. 67 X H.1,2 X P.49, VERSO furniture L.90 X H.30 X P.47, with natural facade mirror L.60 X H.120, RIFLESSO ligh …

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Sherwood comp 03

Wenge furniture L.100 x H.53 x P.50 with washbasin
Furniture sherwood 71 L.106 x H.51 x P50 cm with monoblock glass bench
Mirror L.105 x H.45 cm with LED perimeter
Column L.50 x H. 160 x P.25 cm

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Design for Everything
We offer everything you need to create the space you deserve

Designers are professionals who appreciate the aesthetic value of the space that surrounds them.
With the same strict criteria that shape their own environment , and care for the furniture design that will give your room personality and uniqueness are looking for.

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