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Since 1999

A designer knows he has achieved perfection when it has left nothing more to add, but there is also nothing that can be removed.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Inspired by these very words of a great thinker, the Novel seeks to provide premier design and ensure the ranges of manufacturing excellence. Since 1999, Novel evolves and progresses continually through new collaborations with designers who represent the ideal modern design.
So today we can be proud of our network of customers and partners who identify the Novel with the high quality that characterizes the advanced, high-end of our product lines for the modern bathroom and kitchen.


The NOVEL since its inception in 1999 has been synonymous with innovation and progressiveness in the creation of bathroom furniture , with the sole aim of continuously improving and innovating in the field.


With continuous research for new designs and materials and having a basic philosophy of excellent quality and prompt service, NOVEL care not only to cover every need of the modern home , but manages to stay one step further , a step closer to future requirements of space.


Like every year , this year , the NOVEL presents its new bathroom furniture collections, with new unsurpassed quality materials and beautiful colors , keeping as always with its signature quality and ergonomics that characterize all these years .

The Perfect Workflow

For a beautiful & professional result
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    Each series is unique as is the designer .

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    The design process is demanding and detailed .

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    For the perfect result needed research and time !

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    Through strict standards ensure quality!

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    ENJOY !

    Our work is completed and it becomes yours!<br />

Professional Design Quality

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